The Upcoming Lulu Mall and it’s impact on Real Estate in Trivandrum

The Upcoming Lulu Mall and it’s impact on Real Estate in Trivandrum
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Blessed with numerous beaches, lakes, forests and hills, Trivandrum is truly nature’s paradise and a magnet for those who prefer to dwell in peaceful, low-crime and low-pollution locations. While Trivandrum already has a lot going for it including its booming IT industry, beautiful tourism locations and a culturally-rich heritage, surveys have also found this city to be one of the best places to live in too. Real estate development is thriving here, both in the commercial and residential sectors.

Lulu mall, touted to be the country’s largest mall, is coming up here in Trivandrum and is expected to be opened up to the public in August 2021. This gigantic retail and entertainment outlet is expected to have a diverse impact on the capital city of Kerala, as well as its culture. Lulu Mall Trivandrum is further going to revolutionize the city’s lifestyle and affect real estate trends, making it a hotbed of real estate investments.

Economy – Trivandrum is hovering on the brink of a big explosion in real estate expansions and this is aided by a number of upcoming developments. While the economy is fuelled by its IT parks, tourism, education, aerospace, plantations and commercial activities, the NRIs also contribute significantly towards its economy.

IT hub – Technopark is currently the prime driver of real estate growth in Trivandrum but this is poised to change in the near future. Upcoming major infrastructure developments like the metro rail system are expected to further boost the real estate industry.

Connectivity – A well-developed road transport infrastructure is the backbone of development in any city and in Trivandrum, the same holds true too. The newly-widened NH66 highway that stretches between the city’s two IT campuses, also links to the international airport. It also connects large tracts of land that have been taken up for the purpose of constructing residential projects here.

Social infrastructure – Trivandrum is home to premier educational and healthcare institutions as well as world-class shopping malls. The upcoming Lulu mall is expected to generate over 5000 jobs as well as launch Trivandrum’s real estate sector to greater heights. And this is the best time to invest in real estate before rates shoot up!