The Role of a Good Home in a Child’s Mental Development

The Role of a Good Home in a Child’s Mental Development
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The home where your child grows up has a strong influence on his or her social and mental development. It affects their sense of self-esteem, security and emotional development. It is not just the immediate family, but the home environment, their friends and community, and even the neighbourhood, that affects their mental development.

Hence, an enriching home environment is essential to fostering healthy physical growth and brain development in the child. They need unconditional love, consistent emotional support and opportunities for growth and exploration.


Children getting exposed to a rowdy neighbourhood when walking back home from school or tuition, can get negatively impacted. It can make them less communicative, aggressive and anti-social. They might even end up picking up bad habits like drugs or joining dangerous gangs. Which is why you should always consider the location and neighbourhood in detail, when buying a home.

Gated communities

The good thing about owning a home in a gated community – whether it’s for villas or apartments, notwithstanding – is that your neighbours are of a similar social standing as yourself. Children from such homes will have a similar background and will grow up with greater self-assurance in the company of friends with whom they will share lifelong relationships. Gated communities comprise of well-to-do people who are comfortable in every way. They provide good homes for their children, instilling greater self-confidence in them.

Home ownership

When children grow up in parent-owned homes, there is a greater sense of security in their lives. Since there is no frequent shifting of rental homes and regular uprooting and change of schools and neighbourhood friends, such children have better cognitive and behavioural development. In parent-owned homes, the parents are more comfortable too, providing stable home environments for their children to grow up in.

Crowded homes

It has been found that children growing up in overcrowded homes tend to get less time and quality attention from their parents. This can become detrimental to their physical as well as mental health. There are a number of 3 & 4BHK villas and apartments that provide better spaces for children to grow up in. Think about your family size when buying a home.