Staircase Trends

Staircase Trends

Building designs keep evolving over the years and we are now into the era where open living is the in-thing. With the focus being on space, the staircase easily becomes the center of attention in a home. So why not dress it up and make it a little interesting!

From being a solely functional feature that’s used to get from one floor to another, it can easily be made into a designer piece. Over the last few years, new trends have been cropping up for staircase designs in terms of materials used for the treads, the types of balustrades, staircase lighting, clever use of the stairwell, etc. However, the emphasis hasn’t moved away from the safety aspect as new materials are being introduced. Here are a few popular trends to elevate your stairs to the next level.

Seamless designs: Here, the materials used for the floor are repeated in the staircase treads, creating a continuity effect; this not only makes the place look more spacious but also gives it a lavish look. With the wooden look coming into fashion, the treads and risers can be paneled in the same material to give an overall harmonious effect.

Glass: As far as barrier walls go, reinforced glass is an amazing element to use; it also creates a free-flowing visual effect, creating a sense of space. You can go one step further and use glass etched with smoky designs for a classy look. Or just go ahead and try your hand at glass painting and give it a personal touch!

Classy metals: Stainless steel and chrome are the popular metals of choice for staircases, but customized wrought iron meshwork paired with dark treads look elegant too.

Fusion: Staircases are no longer dreary old things made with the same old materials from yesteryears. We now have a combination of materials being used, with balustrades made of steel, support walls of glass and treads made of wood, granite, plastic, resin tiles or even glass. As long as the colors mesh together, there is no end to the materials that can be artistically combined together.

Drama: For homes that are short on space, spiral staircases are the best and you can make them into architectural masterpieces with clever use of materials to make them look functional, yet arty. Using glass as barriers give them a more open and unhampered look.

Storage: Let your imagination run riot when it comes to using the space under the stairwell. It can be used as a display area or a reading nook with bookshelves. It can even make a cozy play area for the kids or a get-away for the family pet. It makes an ideal location to build storage cupboards too.

The staircase is going to be with you for life, so make it an object of art and enjoy it!