Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer
Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

When it comes to cooling yourself off, the swimming pool and the beach are the ideal solutions. But at the end of the day, you do need to get home so you have to find ways to keep your home cool too. Here are some simple tips to keep your home cooler without sending your electricity bills shooting up through the sky.

Deflect sunlight

Having sunlight glaring directly into your home can notch up the inner temperatures. Use reflective window panels or blinds to keep the sun out. 


Open windows at opposite ends of your home; this allows the air to move freely through your home, taking the warm air out and cool air in.

Shut that door

If the room is cooler than outside, keeping the door shut will retain the cooler inner temperatures much longer.

Fans as exhausts

You can also point your box fan towards an open window. This sucks out the warmer air, thereby allowing entry of cooler air.


Light bulbs can also generate create heat so use minimal lighting or switch off lights when not needed.

Unplug devices and appliances

Heat is a natural by-product of electronic appliances. If your TV runs all day, plan on minimising its use as it does generate some level of heat. You could also pull out the plug once a device is no longer in use.

Multi-tasking your fan

While the AC works wonders in cooling down your home, the bill can leave you gasping. An easier and fun way out is to place a tray of ice cubes under your fan and feel the natural air conditioning effect!

Damp Down your curtains

This is another hack that works perfectly each time. Spray your curtains with water before switching on the fan and enjoy the instant cooling effect. You can repeat it as often as needed!

Exhaust fans

Your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fan are also very effective at removing warm air from the interiors of your home. Keeping them switched on during the peak heat hours can help a lot towards keeping your home cooler.

Night air

Keep your windows open during the cool summer nights, but if security might be a problem is a concern, then be prepared to install metal grills and mosquito nettings too.

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