Self-help Tips to Sell your Home for the Best Price

Self-help Tips to Sell your Home for the Best Price
Tips to Sell your Home for the Best Price

While buying a home has its share of legalities and a lot of paperwork, the same goes when it’s time to sell your home too. Selling your home by yourself, without the help of a real estate agent is more profitable but seems a little daunting initially. Here are a few self-help tips to make your whole experience a lot easier:

  • Similar to the time when you were buying your home, its location and availability of good infrastructure are among the key factors that will attract buyers to your home too. Price your home accordingly.
  • Over-pricing your home may reduce interest from potential buyers. It’s understandable however to inflate the rate by 5-10% above the market price, so you can bring it down later, thus making your buyer feel they got a good bargain too.
  • Calculating the right price for your home isn’t so difficult. Check the ongoing rate per square foot area in your locality, add the wear-and-tear value and reach a rational price for your home. You shouldn’t use a whole number as your selling price either; for example, make it Rs 59,99,000 instead of 60,00,000.
  • Advertising your home is a critical step in selling your home. Marketing has gone online in a big way and when advertising your home, select popular websites that allow you to add a few good pictures of your home too. Use important keywords in the text such as ‘close to good schools’, ‘priced below market’, ‘no pollution’, ‘good neighbourhood’, ‘modular kitchen’, ‘BHK, ‘marble flooring’, etc. The buyer doesn’t have time to wade through unending flowery descriptions, so sticking to important keywords instead helps in catching their attention.
  • Since potential buyers will be trooping through your home, it’s essential you give it a squeaky clean look and if needed, give it a new lick of paint too. Tuck away your little knick-knacks and personal items from countertops, make it smell nice and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. If you are living in a villa, trim the trees and hedges and neaten up the path to your home.
  • When a buyer shows interest in purchasing your home, it’s time to harness the services of a property lawyer who will ensure there are no loopholes in the transaction. However, do keep in mind that negotiation is important to getting the best deal possible.

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