Recreate your Home – DIY Home Decor

Recreate your Home – DIY Home Decor
Recreate your Home - DIY Home Decor - Favourite Homes

Beauty is inspiring and everyone one wants some of it in their own homes, their personal space where they relax, recreate and rejuvenate after a long day away. Decorating your home with the right kind of accessories can be draining on your pockets as well as your time as you search for that ‘perfect’ piece to fit in.

It’s amazing how decor pieces can be so expensive when they are really so easy to make. Have you considered making some of the decor pieces yourself at home? Since you know the exact size, color, and functionality of the art piece needed to fill a particular area on the wall or on the dresser, it’s easier if you make a DIY (do-it-yourself) piece yourself.

All it requires is a trip to the accessories and stationery shops along with a creative imagination. And you could end up with a DIY piece that’s truly outstanding and leave your guests guessing where you bought it! Here are some ideas for DIY décor tips to try out by yourself:

Go for the Real Thing

Why hang pictures of plants when you can easily grow the real thing. Dress up a pot with the accent color in your sitting room and grow some lush greenery in it. Doesn’t cost much, but livens up your living spaces.

Go Bold

For a large empty wall, think of making an abstract line drawing on a large scale for a larger-than-life impact. Stick with neutral colors and it will blend in nicely with your room’s décor.

Up-Cycle Stuff

Wrap a jute rope around an old vase and watch it get a trendy new life. Odd seashells collected at the beach can be varnished and glued onto the vase too for an ocean theme.

Breathe New Life

You could create something entirely new and interesting with old furniture pieces. As long as the wood is good, you could give it a fresh lick of paint or polish to liven it up. Interesting-looking wallpaper plastered on to an old chest of drawers is another unique idea and could become a conversation-starter!

Mirrors on Your Walls

You could create an interesting wall display for your foyer using numerous small framed mirrors. This unique collage décor will not only be an eye-catcher but will also make your foyer appear larger- by virtue of light dispersal.

There are a thousand and more other ideas you can use to create DIY art décor for your home. All it needs is a little bit of imagination and your time.