Questions to Ask when Apartment Hunting

Questions to Ask when Apartment Hunting

With migration into the urban areas on the rise, city populations are growing larger day-by-day, and to cope up with the consequent land shortage, homes are increasingly growing vertically. Apartments are hot properties these days with more builders getting into the fray over the recent years. This provides potential homebuyers with a lot of choices, but then a problem arises, how to choose the best one!

Like going into a new relationship, you need to be a little level-headed when choosing your apartment, after all, you can’t make a commitment with the first person you meet! Instead, you need to spend some time and check if your needs and requirements are a good fit And for this, here is a list of questions that you will need to get answered before deciding on one!

Who is the builder?  As a home stays with you forever, you don’t want to compromise on its quality; for this reason alone, it’s important, you go with a builder who has a good reputation, has a brand name that the builder wouldn’t want to play around with. You will need to check his records and possibly visit some of their other project sites. To find out about their project delivery timings as delays would only result in a loss to you.

Any nearby developments? If there are any nearby developments coming up, they might spoil or block your views. Additionally, it could affect the amount of sunlight coming in.

Any car parking space? To find out if there is a covered car parking space available with the apartment and if it comes at an extra cost. Most builders charge separately for car spaces. This information isn’t always mentioned in the brochures.

Any public transport nearby?  Since most apartments don’t offer multiple car parking areas to its owners, access to nearby public transport becomes essential. A nearby bus stop or railway station can make all the difference to residents.

Availability of daily needs facilities nearby?  It doesn’t make sense to go more than a kilometer to meet day-to-day needs like supermarket, pharmacy, gym, bus stop, etc. There should also be hospitals, schools, theatres and malls nearby.

What are the amenities available? With the work schedules changing, people don’t have too much time in the evenings for recreational activities; hence, it’s better to have some basic amenities like a swimming pool, gym, various game courts and a clubhouse within the facility itself.

What’s the quality of fittings and fixtures?  There must be a finished model apartment that you can go through to get an idea of you will be getting into. All the same, do make sure the type of fixtures and their brands are mentioned in your contract letter to prevent any discrepancies later on.

You can always add some more questions to this list, before taking the plunge!