Plot vs. Apartment – How to Make a Wise Decision?

Plot vs. Apartment – How to Make a Wise Decision?
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A common dilemma that most property buyers face is whether to invest in an apartment or in a plot. The answer can have a lot of ramifications, the most important one being dependent on whether you are a short-term investor or long-term hauler. Whether you want regular returns or larger appreciation over time. Here are some other factors that should help you decide which type of property to invest in.


With an apartment, you pay a lump sum and start living in the apartment, paying EMIs as you go on. With a plot, you invest money into the plot, and then spend more money to build a home on it. This way you will end up needing a larger sum of money when investing in a plot.


If you are considering buying an apartment in a metro city, it will turn out so much cheaper than buying a plot within the same locality. Another point to keep in mind is that banks prefer giving loans for buying apartments than for buying plots.


When you opt for a plot, you have to invest so much time in finding the right architect, design, contractors, etc. This is aside from having to go through numerous government offices seeking permission, permits and clearance certificates before you can even begin construction. And after that, you are responsible for continuous monitoring of the construction process! With an apartment, everything is done for you. All you need do is move in.


It’s easier to resell an apartment than a home built on its own plot. There isn’t much bargaining involved with apartment resale, aside from its being comparatively more affordable.


Apartments come with a host of luxury amenities that are not so easy to find with a personal house within its own plot. This makes apartments more in demand with homebuyers. Current lifestyles also suit apartment living more than living in stand-alone homes.

Safety and Security

Apartments come with 24×7 security systems and there is greater safety in living together in numbers. The same doesn’t hold true with stand-alone homes. It would be a little expensive to install your own CCTV set up along with 24×7 guards.