New trends in False Ceilings

New trends in False Ceilings
Ceiling Trends

Luxury has no limits, especially when it comes to your dream home, your private castle, the lord and king of all that you survey. With the economy on a yearly rise, the earning capacity of young Indians is also going up. And for those who know what luxurious living is all about, homeowners are ready to spend more and more in their quest to create the most perfect and stylish look.

False ceilings are the current rage and you don’t need to go to find hotels anymore to enjoy the elegant beauty of false ceilings. Real estate builders are providing this feature into their luxury home projects that are being grabbed by homebuyers like hotcakes. After all, everyone wants to live in the best that money can afford.

For those not in the know, false ceilings are an additional layer of artificial ceiling added for the purpose of glamorizing the home’s interiors. More people are now opting for this feature, even those who are renovating their old homes are looking into ways to introduce this elegant feature. And it’s not just the magnificent look of the false ceiling that you get to enjoy, but other environment-friendly benefits too. The false ceiling helps to keep your house cooler and cuts down on your electricity bills; it also improves the acoustics of the room, creating a more private atmosphere. The best part is that you can use this elegant facade to hide exposed wiring, cables and ducts.

There are different kinds of false ceilings depending on the materials used as well as the method of installation. Most interior designers offer a single level, straight line false ceilings with minimalistic designs and just some LED lamps as embellishments. Some of the false ceiling types trending now include:

Drywall ceilings

The beauty in this conventional type of false ceiling is its simplicity. These types of ceilings are typically 8 feet high and are basically a plain flat surface that the homeowner can decorate according to their taste.

Tray ceilings 

This design has the unique ability to make smaller rooms look bigger. It is flat-surfaced, with a recessed inner rectangular center, creating a two-layered elevation. They create greater impact when used in the dining room or kitchen. Lights are usually added in-between the two levels for a magnificent effect.

Wooden ceilings 

These wooden ceilings take you back to the retro trends of years gone by. The wooden texture adds an immeasurable luxury quotient to the room’s ambiance and goes well with rustic-themed homes. You can add to the elegance by including chandeliers or pendant lighting.

Coffered ceilings

In the earlier days of grand living, they were made of expensive wood or carved stones that increased the grandeur of a home. A coffered ceiling is made up of tiles or panels that fit into a suspended grid. These panels can be carved or designed to add further beauty to the room. They are best used in large living areas, creating an atmosphere of opulence and grandeur of bygone eras.

Suspended ceilings

Also known as drop ceiling, they are essentially a metal grid ceiling suspended from the main ceiling. Lightweight panels, usually made of POP are inlaid into the grid to create acoustic ceilings that are very functional in homes and offices alike.

False ceilings are the current rage today for their exotic appeal that increases your home’s luxury value,¬† time to go get your own ceilings fixed-up too!