Modern Front Door Designs

Modern Front Door Designs
Modern Front Door Designs 

As far as first impressions go, your front door is the focal point for your home’s exterior. It gives an impression of what lies within the closed doors. It’s the first thing your visitor contemplates upon arrival and the last thing they see when departing.

While most people have a fetish about keeping the area around the front door neat and tidy with fresh potted plants and sufficient lighting, it’s the front door itself that grabs the visitors’ attention. This makes it crucial that your front door is neat and stylish and tells a story all its own. It represents who you are. There are a variety of doors available in various stylish designs, so choose one that befits your aspirations.

With contemporary front door designs forever evolving, you need to be careful in selecting your door design. Some of the characteristics of modern front doors include clean lines, distinctive styles, uncluttered looks and quality craftsmanship. Here are some different features that make the modern front door unique:

  • While most people would feel that double doors look retro, a single flap door opening inwards is what goes with the current times. A slim panel on the side with frosted glass-enclosed on the upper half makes it even more practical.
  • The material of the front door also holds a lot of sways. With homes in Kerala always giving importance to the use of wood and wooden cladding, its usage has attained prestige status. The well-to-do love to use teak wood for their front doors to show off their financial clout. And the more intricate the engraving, the greater is the prestige. However, with modern front doors, contemporary designs are more in order.
  • Painting your door is the fun part of installing your front door. You have the options of going for gloss, matte or semi-gloss. If you are using good quality wood for your door, you can afford to go for a glossy finish that would show-off the wood’s grain. While gloss and semi-gloss are easy to maintain and gleam for longer, matte paints are better at presenting a more rustic weathered look. Modern front doors are increasing of the matte latex variety that can be painted in various hues.
  • Finally, security is an important feature with the front door, so go for solid doors with tamper-proof locks and bolts and don’t forget the wide-angled peephole to keep a check on your visitors. You should try out the stylish modern front door designs while selecting one for your home. They are the perfect complement to the contemporary building styles of villa homes.