Methods to Add Zen to Your Home

Methods to Add Zen to Your Home
Methods to add Zen to your Home | Favourite Homes, Trivandrum

Lifestyles are increasingly getting more and more hectic with stress and stress-related disorders becoming more common. This is why it’s important that your home be a haven of peace and tranquillity, a place where you can unwind and be at peace. One of the best ways of adding tranquillity to your home is by following the Japanese monastic principles of Zen which teaches you about an uncluttered minimalistic way of life.

While there are no hard and fast rules to the application of Zen in your home, there are a few basic principles which you need to know about; here are a few of these basic ways to increase balance, harmony and relaxation in your home.


Starting with the colours, you will need to go for soothing colours; usually, white, cream, shades of beige or blue-grey are preferred for their peaceful ambience. They also create an airy feeling of space that makes you breathe freely.

Natural materials

Include natural materials like wood, clay, marble, granite, leather or clay into the making of your home’s interiors. They add earthy warmth along with increasing the style quotient.


Nature meant us to sleep with the sun and get up with the sun. Though this may seem weird, get rid of your curtains so that you can follow this normal sleep rhythm; not only will it help you lead a healthier life, it will also bring outdoors into your home.


As we go along, it’s normal to collect a lot of baggage along the way. However, once in a while, we need to purge off these excessive things and go minimalistic. Only keep the stuff that has positive memories and keeps shelves and countertops as free of stuff as possible. Having less stuff lying around makes you feel free and your home neater.


Keep electrical appliances, gadgets and wirings out of sight. They are an eyesore and an intrusion of the outside world into your home. Create enclosed spaces for them to preserve a neat, minimalistic appearance.


To add life to your home, add nature’s green gifts into handy corners, but don’t go overboard! A couple of medium-sized plants in a large room will add Zen while keeping it elegant too.

Soft Tones

For a completely relaxing space, go for soft lighting from multiple sources so you can control the intensity of the light. Replace fluorescent lamps with calming, nature-inspired indirect lighting that brings calm and tranquillity back into your life.