Managing COVID-19 Precautions in Apartment Complexes

Managing COVID-19 Precautions in Apartment Complexes
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Multi-family housing, such as that seen in apartment complexes, poses a unique challenge when it comes to managing the risk potential for infection during this pandemic. In such a situation, the resident welfare association of the gated community can play a major role in adopting preventive measures along with creating greater awareness about the disease process amongst the residents.

The COVID-19 viral infection is air-borne with spread being through respiratory droplets. Aside from breathing in these infective droplets, infection can also be contracted by touching surfaces on which these droplets land and subsequently touching the eyes, nose or mouth. This infection can also be transmitted through asymptomatic patients. Since COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, the apartment community as a whole needs to follow strict guidelines to prevent the spread of infection amongst residents and staff.

This is also the time when all communal activities and communal spaces should be completely avoided. Aside from this, a number of simple preventive measures should be put into practice to prevent and contain the spread of the virus amongst gated community residents. Here’s a look at some of these preventive practices:

  • Hand sanitizer or hand wash facility at the entrance for both residents and non-residents alike.
  • Wearing of masks and gloves by all workers, delivery personnel and guests.
  • Temperature screening mandatory for all incoming people.
  • Reducing number of gate staff on duty at any given time.
  • Hand railings, door knobs of common areas and regularly touched surfaces must be sanitized every couple of hours.
  • Reduce the number of people riding in the elevators at a given time; they should also face away from each other when in confined proximity.
  • Practice social distancing and avoid crowding at any point.
  • Minimize going out as well as entertaining guests from outside.
  • If any resident develops symptoms similar to COVID-19, the whole family should practice self-isolation and inform the resident association committee.
  • Additionally, all residents and staff should practice good hygiene by avoiding touching the eyes, mouth and nose when outside their home, and by always carrying a hand sanitizer.

Practice these precautions sincerely for better control of COVID-19 in apartment complexes.