Latest Trends in Kids Rooms

Latest Trends in Kids Rooms
Kid's Room

Almost everything is governed by trending fashions. And with kids becoming more particular and developing their own tastes early on in life these days, decorating a kid’s room can get to be a little challenging. The age and the gender of the child matters a lot too and needs to be taken into consideration when designing their rooms. The child’s preferences need to be considered when decorating and as the parent knows what their child’s tastes in interior decoration are, keeping them in the loop is important.

While decorating, an important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of the room. Even though the kid’s room is his/her own personal getaway space where they can let their imagination run riot, its primary function should be for sleeping. So the focus has to be more around the bed.

Things that need to be considered include the color of the walls, the curtains, and whether more of floor arrangements or organized vertical storage and display areas instead. Gone are the days when everything had to be either pink or blue. Enter the new era of bright multi-colored rooms with bold patterns that create a sense of fun along with space. An important aspect that’s missing this year is rooms that scream, kiddie corner, as kids won’t have it anymore. And we are talking kids below ten years here. Kids now want rooms that are almost similar to teen rooms.

The trend this year is on nature with nature-themed rooms sprouting trees, animals, butterflies, bugs and faux animal heads being the in-thing. These can appear anywhere, be it the walls, bookshelves, stuffed toys, storage baskets, patterns on beddings or rugs, etc.

The walls are what catches the attention first and you wouldn’t want to mess it up. The color scheme is the most important part of interior decoration and influences the mood of the room. Not surprisingly, this year the trend is on pastel colors for walls which provide a calming, neutral basis to the room design. However, with the theme being nature, green is the other color of the year for kid’s room. You can create an accent wall in sea-foam green, pale turquoise or muted olive greens, that while providing color also brings about feelings of relaxation that’s perfect for sleeping.

The lighter shades of walls can be hand-painted with animals, birds, butterflies, greenery or flowers to bring kids closer to nature. Investing in Write-On wall paint is a great idea too for kids so they can use it to practice their creative instincts, just paint a wide strip at the same height as your child.

Exposure to nature and increasing environmental awareness is what 2017 is all about- so give simplicity and nature a chance in your kid’s rooms as well!