Latest Trends in Interior Designing

Latest Trends in Interior Designing
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Building a home is a highly complex process that involves a team of professionals to take care of the numerous aspects involved. It all begins with an architect and a draughtsman working together to design the basic structure of the house. This is done keeping factors like the climate, locally available materials as well as the seismology of the area in mind. The design is executed by the civil engineer and his team of masons, electricians, plumbers, etc, with regular checks by the architect to ensure that the design is being followed. Then there are the interior designers who work with the architects and engineers on arranging the basic layout of interior spaces within the building. Builders like Favorite Homes have their in-house interior designers.

Interior designing gained prominence with the development of society and increasing complexity in architectural design resulting from the development of homes and buildings going vertical. It is an art that requires scientific knowledge of technical issues like the placement of doors and windows, acoustics and lighting. Interior designers make interior spaces more functional, safe and fashionably beautiful by adorning spaces with harmonious hues of colors, lighting and decorative items. These designers are fully educated on the blueprints of the buildings which’s interiors they design as well as the building codes and inspection regulations.

Getting the interior designing right is key to bringing out the beauty of the architecture of the building; it’s like the spice added to the curry to bring out its flavors… Proper designing is not only supposed to make your home aesthetically pleasing but also attractively functional. Interior designers can even make a 1HK home appear spacious and attractive when done right.

Trends keep changing every year and the interior designers have to be up to their game in knowing what’s hot and what’s not. This year, the emphasis has gone back to soft pastel hues that represent peace and simplicity. Their use in any room is bound to create a sense of calm and restfulness. From dusky pinks to frosted blues and lightest beiges, you can create the best of color schemes to get a sense of spaciousness in your home.

A good place to start would be with the soft furnishings; pastel shades give the room a feeling of softness and freshness. Even if you don’t want to invest in reupholstering your sofas, you can introduce pastels in the form of throw cushions to create a harmonious ambiance. Mix-and-match them with different wood tones to create an interesting mix. Beige cushions go extremely well on soft blue upholstery for gentle simplicity as well as with praline hues for overall feelings of calmness.

Team them up with walls that are dusky pink or soft peach in color for added warmth. Wallpapers featuring pale flowery or geometrical designs in double shades of soft hues would get you a similar effect too.

Since some pastel shades can be considered too feminine, go for contemporary homewares and decorations that have clean lines and aren’t too ornate or big. The use of large pastel-colored rugs that fit all the furniture is not only luxurious but creates a sense of spaciousness too.

Overall, pale shades create a sense of space and airiness, so get your home designed the right way…