Latest Trends in False Ceilings

Latest Trends in False Ceilings
Latest Trends in False Ceilings - Favourite Homes

False ceilings are also known as dropped ceilings. They have basically suspended ceilings below the main ceiling and are being increasingly touted as a symbol of sophistication. The new-age homes are increasingly being adorned with this glamorous feature which makes the home’s interiors look more elegant.

However, it’s not just the decorative factor that’s of significance with false ceilings as it is also very useful in hiding the clutter of AC ducts, pipes, electrical wirings, cables, and beams. This leaves you with a beautiful and neat-looking ceiling. Aside from this, false ceilings help in keeping your house cool by acting as a buffer between the hotter main ceiling and the home interiors. This results in helping cut down on your electricity use. It also improves the acoustic capacity of the room by improving sound absorption.

False ceilings also mean that you can install creative ceiling lights, enhancing the beauty of the room. These recessed lights can provide both direct and indirect lighting depending on the mood you want to create. Long-lasting and low energy consuming lights like LED lights are ideal for ceiling lighting and help in cutting down on your electricity bill.

Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in the false ceiling market:

Gypsum false ceilings

These are lightweight, soft, fire-resistant, sound insulated and thermally insulated false ceilings. Gypsum boards are cut into the right shape and given finishing touches with paints, laminates or textures before being attached to a suspended metal framework.

Fiber false ceilings

Fiber cement boards are being popularly used to create external false ceilings. These boards come in various shapes and sizes, but installation can be a little costly due to higher manpower costs.

Ready-made false ceilings

These are ideal for home, office or retail space. They make life easier as they are easily available in bulk in the form of decorative ceiling tiles that come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. They are so cleverly created that they make your ceiling spaces look stylishly elegant, without giving away any hints of the short-cut taken.

PVC false ceilings

These are effective for areas that are damp – including your bathroom, kitchen, basement or garage. PVC panels are effective in creating a completely water-proof false ceiling that is decorative too.

Calcium silicate board false ceilings

This type of false ceiling is created from an extremely fire-resistant material that aside from being functional is also very eye-catching with its unique patterns and designs.

False ceilings add an ethereal appeal to your plain ceilings and increase your home’s style quotient!