What kinds of things can be done to Make Houses more Secure?

What kinds of things can be done to Make Houses more Secure?

Your home is your sanctuary, the place you consider your own little private safe haven where you feel most secure. And if this personal space gets invaded by thieves, it can be very traumatizing; aside from the monetary loss, there is the distressing feeling that your home has been violated and that feeling takes time to heal. For those who invest in home insurance, though the company may compensate you monetarily for the loss or damage to property, nothing can replace the sentimental value and love attached to those items.

Since prevention is better than cure, you need to make securing your home among the list of top priorities when you move into a home. Here are a few tips for boosting your home security and thwarting thieves:

Doors: About 33% of thieves gain entry through doors, especially the kitchen back door, so you need to ensure that the frames are strong, the hinges are internal and there are a couple of additional deadbolts on the door for strength – security shouldn’t be compromised in the face of aesthetic looks. All external doors should also have peepholes.

Windows: Most ready-to-move-in homes come with flimsy latches that aren’t really effective. Consider replacing them with something stronger. Always close all windows when leaving home or at bedtime, even on the upper floors.

Security system: Aside from the fact that many of the new homes come with options for a security system, it’s a good idea to install one that you are comfortable with. Aside from CCTV cameras, there are motion sensors with alarm triggers that are quite effective at deterring thieves. Some of the latest devices even send pictures of invaders to your smartphones.

Neighbours: There is nothing like getting friendly with the neighbours so you can look out for each other whenever there is any fishy activity going on around. Neighbours can also act as the first line of defence against invasion.

Keys:  Keep keys out of sight, whether it’s the house key or car key; thieves can easily access them by breaking a window or through the cat flap. Thieves also know that the porch doormat and flowerpot are among the favoured places to hide house keys, so be careful.

Light: Light up the landscape around your home, especially the backyard. An alternative would be to use motion-sensor lights that come on when there is movement. It would also be smart to eliminate shadowy places like bushes and trees where thieves can take cover. You could also use timer-fitted switches that make lights go on and off in your absence.

You will need to secure your garage too in case it has a door leading into the house. Finally, it’s your home, look around and see where else the weak points of entry are located.