Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor Garden Ideas
Indoor Garden Ideas - Favourite Homes

Don’t have access to an outdoor space or backyard to indulge your green fingers? Not to worry; you can always fulfill your creative urges by growing an indoor garden instead! And the best part of indoor gardens is that it’s less messy and you don’t have to gate-crash into the hideaways of creepy-crawlies either.

Indoor gardening is more organized and gives you greater control over what grows in indoor pots. There are other benefits too as you can make themed indoor gardens. Balconies offer wonderful opportunities for growing gardens too. They can be grown vertically along the walls or in decorative hanging pots from the ceiling. And these are aside from your pots sitting on the floor.

-When growing indoor plants, choose spots where sunlight hits daily for a few hours at least. Some plants need direct sunlight and need to be near a window while others may just survive on diffuse lighting.
-Most people are under the impression that large pots are needed for indoor plants. While plants flourish and grow bigger in large pots, smaller pots, old cups, mugs or even chipped crockery works great for growing plants.

-Another fact to keep in mind is that not all plants can thrive indoors. Take advice from your gardening shop before embarking on planting an indoor garden. Go with perennial plants that can survive for more than a season so you don’t have to keep replanting every year.

-Designate an area for your indoor plants that is easy to access. The less the clutter, the more it will stand out as a beautiful green space. You could even place a trellis and grow climbers along with them. Climbers work great on balcony grills too, creating an aura of privacy as well as an outer border for your garden.

-A cactus garden theme is an excellent idea as they don’t require much watering or care and flourish with sunshine. You could grow different varieties in small pots for a display or use a long rectangular pot for easier maintenance. Terrariums and hydroponics are other options in indoor gardening.

-You could also grow your own fragrant herbarium at home. A kitchen window sill is a great place for them. Do be careful to plant herbs in separate groups as mint can grow lavishly and overthrow other slower-growing herbs. Sage, thyme, rosemary, and oregano grow well together while cilantro, basil, and parsley are best grouped together.

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