Increasing demand for Luxury Apartments in Kerala

Increasing demand for Luxury Apartments in Kerala
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With increasing globalization and the world becoming a village where everyone has knowledge of other cultures, luxury is fast becoming something on the common side. More and more people are getting attracted to luxurious lifestyles, with the housing sector being no exception. There are over 245,000 lakh millionaires in India, and this is indicative of the general population’s inclinations.

With increasing disposable incomes, especially among a younger population that knows all about enjoying the good things in life, developers are left with no choice but to provide more luxurious homes in the forms of apartments, villas, penthouses and even villaments.

Luxury apartments in Kerala are on the rise by virtue of the gulf money being pumped into the state along with the high disposable income of techies working in the huge IT Parks. It’s not only because buyers have too much money on their hand or they thirst for the good life that the demand is rising; here are some other reasons why:

  • Buying a luxury home increases prestige and status in society and inspires feelings of pride and have made it in life.
  • Modern luxury apartments come loaded with all kinds of comforts including large spacious home fitted with the best-branded features and amenities like in-house gyms, swimming pools, manicured gardens, multi-game courts, piped gas, concierge, shopping complexes, crèche and a host of other lifestyle benefits.
  • Luxury apartments are technologically enabled and are increasingly adding more hi-tech features that provide an extraordinary living experience. From remote controlled gates and windows to electronic locks and video conferencing door-phones, they have them all and more!
  • Living in luxury apartments also means you will be having better neighbors who are on par with you in degrees of culture, education, beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Security is given its due importance in luxury homes so that you don’t have to worry about the smaller things in life. Aside from 24×7 security personnel, there are also top-of-the-line security installations that are being monitored continuously.
  • Aside from these, luxury homes are always located in high-end peaceful areas where access to important places like shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and railways are a short ride away.
  • Real estate investments rival that for the traditional gold; this is because real estate doesn’t fluctuate wildly but maintains a steady growth throughout – well, at least in India. Their net worth only increases with time, aside from which they also make great investment collaterals for loans and secondary incomes.