How to Make Your Home Winter Ready?

How to Make Your Home Winter Ready?
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Before the cool weather sets in, it’s time to air out your woolens and prepare for the winter. Aside from yourself, you need to get your home ready too for the winter months ahead. Here are some simple tasks to get done right away:

Window Dressing

Time to pack away the sheer summer curtains and bring out the heavier winter drapes. These are better at maintaining the warmth inside and keeping the cold out.

Cover Up the Floor

Whether your floors are hardwood, tiled or concrete, do look for creative ways to cover them up with rugs and carpets. Aside from feeling cold to the feet, these floors do not hold in heat and need an insulating layer on it.

Service the Air-conditioning

Having the HVAC system serviced and the filters cleaned out prior to the setting in of winter ensures that your air-conditioning system’s energy consumption is improved by 5-15%.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

In cold regions, exposed outdoor pipes or indoor pipes in unheated areas, can pose a potential hazard. In freezing temperatures, these pipes can freeze and burst, leading to a sorrowful mess. Pipe insulation are easy to apply. They look like foam pipes with a slit along one side. Just wrap it around the pipe and tape it into position.

Clear Out the Gutters and Drains

Don’t allow the leaves and debris to clog together and create a thick icy mass. It could damage the roof tiles, leading to leakages in fairer weather. Use a rake to get rid of the debris so water can drain freely.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Scan your front yard and backyard for tree branches hanging too close to the house or driveway. Or for branches rubbing together or tree branches that look dead. These could all come crashing down during storms, causing major damage to property. Have them cut down by a professional before the winter sets in.

Check for Air Drafts

Improve your home’s energy bills by caulking off any drafts. Check around window and door frames which are common areas for chilly drafts and can bring down the energy efficiency of your air-conditioning system. You can seal off the space yourself with weather strips or an easy-to-use caulking mix.