How to Declutter Your Home?

How to Declutter Your Home?
Tips to Declutter Your Home

However obsessed you may be about keeping your home neat and tidy, it is very easy for clutter to pile up. Odds and ends you may not use, but have been keeping handy for some later time, books, forms, bills – all these add to clutter over a period. Fortunately, there are simple ways to stop clutter in its tracks and you have to do it, one room at a time!

The best way to tackle it is in stages – to focus one zone within a room – and completing the job before moving on to the next space. As you see visible success, it will boost your confidence and keep you motivated. You don’t need fancy tools to declutter your home, all you need is the willpower to do it.

Start at the entrance. No matter how small it is, the best way to make an entryway most functional is to declutter it regularly. Stack the shoes, raincoats, and other accessories systematically, and repeat the process periodically.

The Living Room comes next. And it is a tough zone that will tire you out. So tackle each zone. Start with the remote controls, newspapers, magazines, and books. Do they require a permanent storage place to ensure they stay concealed? Invest in that bit of furniture. Then move onto your coffee table and entertainment centre. Empty them, assess the items they store, and then return them to their proper storage spaces. Then tackle the gadgets. Store items like chargers, gadgets, and gaming equipment where you use them. If you have kids in the house, ensure their toys find a fixed place too.

The Bedroom is bound to take up time and space. Start with the bed, organize the side tables, and your wardrobes. Split the work into zones and do a thorough cleanup.

The kitchen is the other room that piles up clutter before you can wink. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be a challenge because so many different activities occur there—cooking, eating, and socializing. Asses, declutter and keep the things that need to be retained.

And always remember, clutter is part and parcel of our everyday lives. If you do not want to spend too much time on decluttering and clean up, be systematic and clean up as you go. devote a weekend every month to clean up your home.