How to Choose Between 2 BHK & 3 BHK Apartments?

How to Choose Between 2 BHK & 3 BHK Apartments?
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Buying an apartment is so exciting and becoming a homeowner and holding the keys of your dream home, even more so! However, before buying a home, you need to make a number of tough decisions, such as location, builder, BHK, etc. Choosing between a 2BHK and 3BHK home can become really tricky as each one comes with its own positives. Listed below are some factors to help you decide which one better fulfills your needs:


If you are on a tight budget, then go for the 2BHK apartments. They offer a decent amount of space for your family, along with pride of ownership. But if you aren’t tied down by financial constraints, a 3BHK apartment will give you a much better lifestyle – at a nominally larger cost.


A 2BHK makes good sense for bachelors and young couples as there will still be a room leftover to serve as a guestroom. But for growing families with kids or live-in parents, a 3BHK makes more sense and provides enough space for everyone. Most people buy homes once in their lifetime, so plan for the future too while buying.


As far as renting or a resale are concerned, it’s easier to get tenants and buyers for a 2BHK when compared with a 3BHK apartment. However, that doesn’t mean that getting a buyer or tenant for a 3BHK is impossible – it’s just that it might take a little more time, that’s all!


For those who prefer minimalist lifestyles where space isn’t a major requirement, then 2BHKs are ideal. But for those with greater space requirements such as those working from home, then a 3BHK makes a better choice as it offers greater space and privacy for a peaceful home office.

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is an important part of daily life and when it comes to keeping up with the cleaning chores, a smaller 2BHK apartment is definitely more appealing. For those looking for homes that are low on maintenance, then 2BHKs are the answer. By comparison, 3BHK apartments are larger and require greater effort to keep them clean and orderly. The best option is to just hire a maid and buy the 3BHK instead!