What are Home Security Systems?

What are Home Security Systems?
What is Home Security Systems - Favourite Homes

Wanting the best security for the home and family is a given with most people. And with the adults spending increasingly longer periods of time away at work, the safety of their homes and family members becomes a crucial matter. Luckily, there is an equally large number of innovative home security products available in the market.

The internet of things has made it possible to link an increasingly greater number of security products around your home to your smartphone via apps. This makes it possible to customize your home security and monitor it from anywhere that an internet connection is available. Here are some of the latest products available to keep your home safe:

Smartphone-enabled home security

Home security doesn’t have to mean an expensive professional 24×7 surveillance system linked to your local police station. Instead, you could go for individual devices located in key areas that can be connected to your smartphone via an app. This could include indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, video doorbells or smart locks. It could also include systems like wireless motion detectors on windows and doors, motion-triggered lights and sirens.

You could customize your security system to kick in and start recording or have the outdoor lights come on when triggered by motion. Most apps send your phone a notification when an alarm is triggered off and allow you to view live video footage.

Smart locks

If you are using home automation, then it’s easy to add one more item to the system. A smart lock is easy to install on the inside of your door and can be triggered with a press of the button on your smartphone security app.

Smart locks come as keyless locks, touch-screen locks, and combination keypad locks. You could even go a step further and link them with video doorbells or outdoor cameras.

Security cameras

Keeping standalone cameras in strategic parts of your apartment is a great way of monitoring your home interiors on the phone while away. Some cameras even come disguised as decorative art pieces for your shelves. Weatherproof outdoor cameras also come with motion detector triggers and are great for round the clock video monitoring of your home’s exteriors. These can be wired or battery powered.

Video doorbells

These send out video images of anyone approaching your door without your needing to get to the door. Go for a model with two-way audio communication, video recording facility, a door siren as well as a high resolution and wide-angle lens- with night vision of at least 25 feet.

Aside from all these, there are numerous other security products available too.