Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist
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Becoming a proud homeowner after a seemingly endless amount of formalities, is an incredible moment full of joy. However, the work doesn’t end there as you need to invest in regular maintenance of your new home too. While this may seem intimidating to a beginner, you can do most of the upkeep work yourself by creating a methodical home maintenance checklist.

This will ensure that all tasks are done on time and save yourself from heavier repair expenses in the long run. Here are some tips on timely home maintenance:

Monthly Maintenance

Cleaning bathroom fittings like shower heads, bathroom taps and faucet aerators on a monthly basis ensures that there is timely removal of mineral deposits – regular cleaning prolongs life. You will also need to check your sink drains for clogging and use some DIY to keep it working smoothly. Upkeep your unused guest room bathrooms by regularly running its taps and flushing toilets.

Half-yearly Maintenance

Give your home a thorough clean-out every 6 months, whether it’s an apartment or villa home notwithstanding. Where feasible, consider washing out the floors with soap suds and water. Aside from this, dust and wipe every nook and cranny in the house. Carpets and rugs should be given the similar treatment too. Wipe out the doors and windows as well as their frames. Check if mosquito screens are properly secured. Consider pampering your furniture with a good round of polish too. The term ‘spring cleaning’ falls in this level of maintenance.

Yearly maintenance

A more intensive maintenance exercise is required once in a year where the exteriors need to be inspected for wear and tear. It’s best to do this before the monsoons set in. Have the roof, terrace and ceiling checked for any damage that could result in moisture leakage. You will also need to examine the paintwork for any chipping away or bloating due to moisture. Timely maintenance could result in bigger damage down the line.

Check if any tree branches are getting too close to the house and have them trimmed. The drains and gutters will also need to be unclogged of leaves before the monsoons start. Likewise, trim your garden and get it ship-shape.

Hope these tips will turn helpful!