Feng Shui Tips for your New Home

Feng Shui Tips for your New Home
Feng Shui Tips

Starting off a new life in a new home can be really exciting; and to take this happiness one step further, most people go back to their roots and defer to the ancient principles that their forefathers practiced. Similar to the principles of Vaastu, there is another ancient science known as feng shui that deals with the flow of positive energy into your life. Applying feng shui into your home brings good health, peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. What more could a person ask for when moving into a new home

While feng shui principles are generalized for homes, there is one rule that is different for new homes; while letting go of the old energies and clearing the way for applying new feng shui is a great way to start in a new home, you also have to start with a clean and clear energy foundation. This translates to starting with a clean slate and avoiding things that have the energies of past events attached to them. Here is how to go about it:

Main Door

A strong feng shui door attracts chi, the positive energy, through it and into the home; the door should be of the right size and shape according to the principles of feng shui and have a clear unobstructed path leading to the door. Additionally, the backdoor shouldn’t be aligned with the front entrance nor should there be a wall in front of the main entrance.


The kitchen is the first area to get energized. Place a basket of multi-colored fruits or a pot of aromatic herbs to attract chi into the room. Do your best to attract positivity into the kitchen as this is where you will cook nourishing meals to keep your family healthy and happy.

Master Bedroom

This is the most important part of the house. Dress it well and treat yourself to a luxurious setting to attain happiness in this room. It will help to spread happiness all over the house.


An orderly space devoid of unnecessary clutter helps energies to flow smoothly according to feng shui. Let go of things with bad memories or things you don’t really need before moving into your new home.

Home Decor

Go for meaningful home decor with which you share a positive connection; surrounding yourself with the things you love brings happiness and increases supportive energy for your family.

Follow these simple rules wisely for greater happiness in your new home!