Feng Shui for Main Entrance Door

Feng Shui for Main Entrance Door
Feng Shui for Main Entrance Door - Favourite Homes

There is a lot that goes into the making of your home, whether it’s an apartment or a villa. According to the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui, the placement of various features in your home affects its ‘Chi’, the source of nourishing energy. The front door of your home, it’s design and surroundings affect the way energy moves around your home.

When there is positive ‘Chi’ circulating around your home, it will be a happy home with higher levels of well-being as well as camaraderie. However, if the energy is blocked in some way – such as by a mirror in front of it or a wall close to the front door, then the energy gets weakened.

Here are some tips on perfecting the entry door according to Feng Shui:

1. Your main entry door should open inwards, without squeaking, pulling positive Chi energy into your home. An outward opening door can have a negative impact on indoor energy.

2. Your front door should open onto a spacious foyer. Cramped spaces with things stored behind the door prevent it from opening fully, thus disrupting energy flow. Things like unhealthy plants, chipped pots or dustbins shouldn’t be anywhere near your entry door.

3. If your entry door opens onto a small open space, then there is obviously going to be a wall opposite the door that’s blocking the smooth flow of energy. To rectify the problem, you could keep the area brightly-lit or you could place a decorative mirror to enhance the area visually. Take care not to place the mirror opposite the door as this will reflect the Chi energy to the outdoors.

4. Even if the foyer space is limited, you could create a welcoming ‘landing space’ for Chi energy with a colorful rug or a side table with an attractive flower-filled vase. An eye-catching piece of art or vibrant wall color would also do the trick.

5. The direction of your main entry door also matters. If your door faces east or south-east, the door’s color should have wooden overtones and if it’s facing the south, then the color should have fire element overtones. If it’s facing north, then choose water-colored themes. And if it’s facing west or north-west, then colors of metal are the best.

6. Other potential Feng Shui disasters include a wall too close to the main door, a mirror or staircase opposite the door or even a bathroom above the front door.

However, since there is a remedy for most Feng Shui disasters, you can rest easy!