Easy Ways to Maximize Natural Light in Your Apartment

Easy Ways to Maximize Natural Light in Your Apartment
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Natural sunlight is very important for your health and is a necessity in every home. It not only lifts up your spirits but also brings with it the natural vitamin D essential for bone health and other parameters. Aside from this, natural light cuts down on your carbon footprint and saves on your electricity bills. No wonder then that homebuyers are insisting on ‘lots of natural light’ as an important feature when selecting an apartment.

Here are some ways to further enhance natural light in your apartment:

Colour palette

Dark colours absorb light while lighter shades bounce the light around, brightening up the room instantly. Since walls comprise the largest surface area, do stick to lighter shades of satin or semi-gloss paints to amplify natural light.


Its well-known that mirrors reflect light and by placing a decorative wall mirror opposite your window, you not only add beauty, but reflect back more light into the room. By adding other reflective surfaces like silver photo frames, shiny handles and knobs, furniture with glass/reflective accents, you can further maximise natural light in your apartment.


Do away with heavy, dark drapes as they block the entry of natural light and dampen the spirit. Opt for light-weight curtains that permit greater entry of natural light.

Glass blocks

Wherever practical, replace wall with versatile glass blocks. These solid glass blocks allow entry of light and enhance its flow into interior spaces. Replacing bathroom windows with glass blocks is another way to enjoy natural light while still maintaining privacy and security.

Clean Windows

There is nothing like having clean windows to enhance the flow of natural light into your home. Go with clear glass panels instead of the fashionable frosted or translucent glass panels for windows which reduce the flow of light. You can always hang sheer curtains to create a semblance of privacy while still enjoying natural light.


Avoid large, chunky furniture pieces as they reduce the flow of light. Lighter-coloured furniture with more leg showing means greater flow of light. It also makes the room feel more airy and creates a sense of space.

Hope these tips are helpful for those looking to buy an apartment.