Difference Between Duplex Homes and Villaments

Difference Between Duplex Homes and Villaments
Difference Between Duplex Homes and Villaments - Favourite Homes

The decision to buy your own home is a big one but it does come with its share of dilemmas. To make the right choice, you need to get your homework done first. Modern homes come in various shapes and sizes; you will need to decide which type works best for you depending on your own particular needs.

The popular trend these days is to buy homes in gated communities which are more secure and also provide a host of thoughtfully-provided amenities. While the favoured choices are villas and apartments, some creative builders like Favourite Homes are offering other choices too including villaments. However, since there is some confusion reigning around what villaments and duplexes entail, here’s a closer look at both of them.

Duplex Homes

This form of habitation includes two semi-detached homes that are meant for two family living. Though these duplexes are stand-alone structures, they include two independent homes. These two homes may have a common sidewall with two separate ground floor entrances. On the other hand, the two homes can also be in the form of a double-story house with shared flooring. It’s uncommon to see duplex homes in a gated community or with shared amenities either. Duplex homes can’t be modified like in a villa home and neither do they offer complete privacy. These homes offer living spaces that are bigger than an average apartment, yet smaller than a villa. Duplex homes are also cheaper on the pocket as they don’t have anything more to offer other than the living spaces.


On the other hand, villament is a comparatively new term on the real estate scenario. Just like apartments are sometimes called condominiums to indicate a classy property, so also villament is an innovative branding term used to indicate low-rise apartments. Villaments don’t have more than 4 to 6 homes within a single unit. They do however come with shared open spaces and amenities just like in regular apartment complexes. Villaments also come within gated communities and offer 24×7 security. The good thing about villaments is that the inhabitants enjoy more exclusivity and privacy as there are fewer neighbours around.

Villaments are built around the concept of villas but come at cheaper prices. For people living alone, it provides adequate privacy but also nearby neighbours to take away the feeling of solitariness.
The concept of villaments is catching on like wildfire in Trivandrum with astute builders like Favourite Homes leading the way. To find more information about their projects here: https://www.favouritehomes.com/.