Differences Between an Independent House and a Villa

Differences Between an Independent House and a Villa
Differences Between an Independent House and a Villa

Everyone longs to have a home of their own one day and when you are finally ready to invest in one, a million questions will surely surface. The first one is, of course, the location of your dream home. The second important question arising is the type of home to invest in. There are many options to choose from and it can get a little confusing. These options include apartments, villaments, villas, and independent homes.

Since most people want to live in a home that offers privacy and personal space, your two best options are villas and independent homes. While you might think that they are both the same thing, here’s a closer look at them.

Villas and independent homes are both stand-alone homes that are meant for housing a single-family. They both stand in their own plots of land which belong to the homeowner as well. And that’s where the similarities between the two ends. Now here’s a look at the differences between these two types of homes.

Villa homes come with a basket full of amenities that could include a secure children’s’ play area, a walking or jogging track, multi-game courts, swimming pool, and a clubhouse. Villa schemes also come with manicured gardens and open lawns that are taken care of professionally. All these amenities don’t come with an independent house, and installing them for single-family use can get quite expensive.

Villa homes are also located within gated communities with 24×7 security, so even when the owner goes for work or travels out of town, the home is secure and taken care of. Such is not the case with an independent house unless the owner makes the additional effort of hiring security.

Villas are part of a collection of similar homes with like-minded people of similar social status. Hence you and your children get neighbors of similar status to create life-long bonds with. An independent house doesn’t necessarily garner such neighbors.

A villa address shouts out your standing in society as villas are luxury homes for the elite who have made it in life, and know what fine living is all about. An independent house address doesn’t have much to say about itself, except probably its location.