Difference Between a Living Room and a Family Room

Difference Between a Living Room and a Family Room
Difference Between a Living Room and a Family Room - Favourite HomesDifference Between a Living Room and a Family Room - Favourite Homes

Every room in the house comes with a purpose. While some may be more formal and meant for gatherings, the rest of the home usually has a more informal look, a place you wouldn’t think twice before putting your feet up and sinking into a comfortable seat.

The living room and family room have been generating debates for some time now, but the essential feature of both the rooms remains the same – a gathering space for people. While larger homes that are big on space might even have both living rooms and family rooms, remarkable differences do exist between the two. Here’s a closer look at their features:


The living room is a formal area in the home that evolved in the early seventeenth century and was used to display works of art and welcome guests. Though the function of the modern-day living room is still the same, it has morphed into a comparatively less formal space.

The family room, on the other hand, is an informal space where a myriad of activities can take place. It’s where your kids play games, complete their homework or where you complete your office work or spend quality time with family or friends.


The living room is more about style and designed to showcase your standing in society. It’s a grand room that houses classy eye-catching artworks as well as furnishings that are more about their looks than about comfort. Modern entertainment centres, as well as a TV, are important parts of the features found here. It also has ample display storage spaces to showcase impersonal items.

Family rooms, on the other hand, are informal, space where family and friends can gather to chat or indulge in some fun activities. Recliners and cosy couches are a must-have here to keep the occupants comfortable. You will also find pictures of family members and personal mementoes.


The living room or the ‘Front Room’ as it also called sometimes, is located in the front of the house. This makes them easily accessible for visitors while maintaining the privacy of the rest of the home. It may also be attached to the dining room area.

The family room can also be known as the recreational room and is usually smaller than the living room. It’s placed closer to the kitchen and may even come attached to it.

In the end, however, both rooms are meant for gatherings and depending on the space available in your home, you can make it whatever you want!