Creative Tile Ideas

Creative Tile Ideas
Creative Tile Ideas - Favourite Homes

One of the best ways to get creative in a home is with the tiles. Tiles are required in every part of the home, whether for the floor, the bathrooms, the kitchen backsplash and in some cases, even the ceiling and roofs. The materials for these tiles also vary ranging from wood, bamboo, clay, ceramic, stone, gypsum or vitrified tiling.

There are so many designs and textures to choose from, it’s sure to send your creative side into overdrive. Here’s a closer look at the way tiles make a difference to your home:

Bathroom Tiles

Tiles make a big impact in the bathroom simply because it’s literally covered with it. In the case of smaller bathrooms, it’s a great idea to choose the same tile for floors as well as walls to create continuity and make them feel larger. The ideal floor tile for the bathroom should be water-resistant and anti-slip. You could choose from vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, porcelain, stone or even glass floor tiles. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are best for shower walls and should be used all the way to the ceiling to protect your walls from moisture.

Floor Tiles

Trends keep changing over the decades but the requirements remain the same. The floor sees heavy traffic such that floor tiles need to be harder and more durable. While marble tiles were the toast earlier, and cork and wooden tiles never lose their appeal, it’s other materials like cement, stone, baked clay, granite, concrete, mosaic and vitrified tiles that have been ruling the roost. Floor tiles come in different hues, patterns, textures and can be hand-made or machine-made. With so many variants to select from your choice can only be limited by your budget.

Kitchen Tiles

The backsplash tiles and floor tiles are important in the kitchen area. Just like the bathroom, the kitchen also faces water spillage. The backsplash tiles protect your sink and cooking areas from water and cooking stains and need to be of a material like porcelain or ceramic that is water-resistant and easily cleaned. Since the kitchen floor is also exposed to the same, floor tiles like stone, granite or vitrified tiles are best. You could even match the tile color with your wall paint.

Some home designs encourage the use of ceiling tiles too. Decorative gypsum ceiling tiles make great patterns and amp up the room’s style quotient. Slanting roofs look classic when covered with roof tiles made of baked or glazed clay. They can even be painted in different colors to complement the wall paint.