Comparison Between Buying a Villa and Building a House

Comparison Between Buying a Villa and Building a House
Comparison between Buying a Villa and Building a House

Investing in a home is usually the biggest expense of a lifetime for most people; this also means it shouldn’t be taken lightly and every aspect of home buying should be considered in-depth. If you were given the option of buying a ready-made villa versus building a home of your own choice, reaching an answer can sure put your mind into a tizzy!

Though the decision has to be a personal one, there are several factors involved which need to be given due consideration, as this is a very large sum of money that you are talking about here. And not to sound material-minded, a home is the place that’s going to be your life-long sanctuary, so you need to love it too; this means that making a decision is going to include a little of the heart as well as the mind.

To cut a long story short, it’s all about convenience (buying a ready-made villa) versus customization (building a house). In their minds, everyone has an idealistic image of what they want to be included in their dream home and how the house plan should materialize.

When you go for ready-made villas, you don’t have many options about changing the floor plan as its part of a villa complex; the other factor is that there will be charges for change of name of the property plus you have to pay some monthly amount for the upkeep of the surroundings and amenities. But then looking at the upside of buying a villa, you get a ready-made home without any hassles that you can move into immediately when you make the payment. Aside from this, you get a home with a ready-made garden, a nice neighbourhood of new homes which brings up the value of your home as well as a secure gated community of similar-minded people to live in.

When it comes to building a house, buying the land in the right neighbourhood doesn’t always happen. But then you get to design the house according to your needs and can also include all the features you want. Though there is an emotional connection with the home you build, the downside is that there are always unforeseen delays. Plus, you have to wait 8-12 months before moving in. You also have to take the time out to select everything, right from door handles to the kitchen flooring! And this expense always goes beyond the budget, so building homes is costlier as well as more time-consuming.

Buying ready-made villas sure look like a brighter prospect!