Compare between Urban Living and Rural Living

Compare between Urban Living and Rural Living
Urban and Rural

There comes a point in most people’s lives when they have to figure out whether to buy a home in an urban area or a rural location. While both locations have pros and cons to them, the important fact remains that quality of life is the central issue at stake. Buying a home in either of the locations means that you will be stuck living there for quite a part of your life, so you need to look at all the qualities of these areas before choosing one. Here are a few important features of each location to help you make up your mind:

Urban living

An urban center is defined by the population density living in an area; usually, there isn’t much space with businesses and homes being located very close together. Some of the plus points of urban centers include having access to top-notch hospitals, schools and colleges without having to travel too far to avail their services; there are also better infrastructure and transport facilities here. Other than this, urban centers are great on the entertainment factor with opportunities for attending numerous social and cultural events aside from the presence of numerous movie theatres and malls. You also get to enjoy readymade foods from different parts of the country and the world, making you more globalized. You have more opportunity to meet people from different areas and all the above experiences adapt you in being able to adjust almost anywhere in the world.

The downside to urban living means living costs are higher, homes are congested and there are constant noise and air pollution; there is also a limitation of green open spaces.

Rural living

The best part of rural living, which could include living in villages, hamlets, small towns or outskirts of the cities, is the vast swathes of open spaces and lower population densities. Crime rates are lower, pollution is less, the food is wholesome and everyone seems to know one another, unlike in urban centers. It’s like living with one big happy family! You are less likely to find lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity among rural dwellers as they tend to consume good wholesome home-cooked food.

Drawbacks here would include having to travel long distances to get to work or go to school or get to good hospitals.

With both rural and urban living having their positives and negatives, choosing a location basically depends on an individual’s personal preferences and current needs.