Buying a Villa – Choosing Between ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ and ‘Under- Construction’ Options

Buying a Villa – Choosing Between ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ and ‘Under- Construction’ Options
Buying a Villa - Choosing Between ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ and ‘Under- Construction’ Options

After the triple whammy that the real estate sector underwent in the last one year, the effects of GST, Demonetization and the introduction of RERA did their share of creating confusion in this industry and slowing down sales. Investors went into the ‘wait-and-watch’ mode while they kept a critical eye on the evolving economical changes.

However, the dust has finally settled and homebuyers are coming out of the shadows again. The timing couldn’t be better as the mismatch between supply-and-demand of homes has finally reached a balance as fewer projects have been launched in the recent past. Builders are also in a hurry to sell off their completed projects so they can move onto newer things, and there is no end to the freebies they are offering to entice buyers into investing. However, the little doubt that remains in your mind is probably whether to go for a ready-to-move-in home or an under-construction one?

Under-Construction Villas

Buying under-construction homes turns out to be cheaper as the payments can be done in staggered amounts which are more convenient for the investor; since EMIs are paid as the work progresses, the initial EMIs are also low. And since the rate at which the villa was bought was comparatively cheaper, you end up buying a property that has a higher value and higher returns too.

However, the drawbacks to this option are when the builders are unable to complete the building, and thereby resulting in a financial loss to the investor. The home buyer ends up paying EMIs plus monthly rent. In many cases, the features promised in the agreement are absent on the ground. Another feature is that the carpet area you finally end up with is very different from the super built-up area presented to you. In such a situation, the best thing is to go with branded builders who have a reputation to uphold.

Ready-To-Move-In Villas

Due to various problems experienced in the realty business in the past, people are increasingly going for ready-to-move-in homes rather than hanging on for a couple or more years waiting for their home to be completed. It is better this way as the buyer doesn’t have to pay rent as well as EMI during the waiting period and all that stands in-between the buyer and his new home is a full payment and signing of documents.

Additionally, you can also check if everything mentioned is present before agreeing to pay for it. The only drawback is that it is comparatively expensive!