Why Are Apartments Near IT Parks So Popular?

Why Are Apartments Near IT Parks So Popular?
Why Are Apartments Near IT Parks So Popular - Favourite Homes

Trivandrum has a bustling IT park, the Technopark, which is touted to be one of the largest technology parks in India. Some of the biggest IT companies as well as start-ups have their offices here and collectively employ a workforce of over 60,000 people. The workforce is expected to more than double in the coming few years when Technocity, another arm of the IT Hub becomes operational. The young techies working here are from all parts of India and converge together to form a pan-India community.

The balmy weather, an abundance of natural beauty, excellent infrastructure and peaceful environment make Trivandrum the perfect place to settle down in. Many of the techies from different parts of the country get enticed by all the goodness Trivandrum has to offer and prefer to set up home here. The IT Park in Trivandrum is uniquely located along the NH66 highway where there are no traffic jams, low air pollution and lots of open spaces. It’s also near the airport, two railway stations and connected with a good network of roads linking it to the heart of the city which is just about a 15-minutes drive away.

Since everyone wants their home to be close to their workspace so they can save on time spent in traffic, most techies prefer their homes close to the Technopark area itself. This is especially helpful for the numerous techies who work in different time zones. And currently, there is no dearth of nearby prestigious apartments and villa projects for people to choose from.


IT parks are accompanied by great infrastructure such that they make excellent locations to build homes too.


The people residing close to the IT parks also get to enjoy the excellent facilities available closeby that add quality to living. There are several shopping complexes and malls, educational institutions and excellent multispecialty hospitals that collectively make life more comfortable for the inhabitants.


Since most IT parks are located in large open tracts of land away from the main city centre, apartments located in the park’s proximity get to enjoy the same open and tranquil spaces that herald peace into the life of its inhabitants.


The ideal location of Trivandrum’s Technopark on NH66 ensures that it connects to the city centre just as comfortably as it connects to the northern parts of Kerala and Kanyakumari and Tamil Nadu.

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