5 Smart Ways to Sound-Proof Your Room

5 Smart Ways to Sound-Proof Your Room
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There are no two ways about it. A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone to function normally. Whether you live in a high-rise city apartment or a sprawling suburban villa, there is always the chance for noise disturbances that could be giving you sleepless nights. Poor sleep can lead to health complications in the long run, so here is a look at some simple ways to reduce the noise levels permeating into your room and enabling you to get your beauty sleep:

Carpets and Rugs

Interestingly, adding mass layering onto your floor enables noise reduction. Add rugs with memory foam or felt under-paddings as they add a dense layer of insulation to absorb unwanted noises. This high-density layer works in reducing noise – whether the noise is coming from above your room, from the same floor or from outside.

Sound-proofing Windows

When the noise is coming from outside your window, there isn’t much you can do, but to reduce the levels getting to you. One way out is by installing thick acoustical curtains, like that commonly seen in theatres. These will not only help in muffling out unwanted sounds but will also block out light. Another way out is to add double-paned windows, but this can get expensive.

Add Sound Absorbers

Experts have shown that by adding a layering effect with natural materials such as cotton and wool, you can actually create effective sound absorption. Consider adding some more throw pillows on your sofa or on your bed to set up sustainable sound absorbers.

White Noise

The adage of fighting fire with fire can be applied here as you can fight back against disturbing noise with more noise! You can achieve this by investing in a fan or a machine that produces ‘white noise’. These work by creating a steady humming sound that blocks out other disturbing noises.

Door Sweeps

This revolutionary feature helps close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor and creates a significant difference when it comes to soundproofing your room. They are easy to install, with the door sweep making a snug fit with the floor and creating a seal that acts as an effective and sturdy sound buffer.