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Top 10 Tips

How to use colors around your home

Choosing colors from nature is the best way to clinch the psychology of your home and yourself. The colors have the ability to lift your mood and generally work well for you.

Compensating small space – Create the illusion of space with bright colors: If you want your home to look larger than it really is you could try and use bright and vibrant colors like yellows and eggshell shade to add space to your home exterior. It will not work out with White Color. Although it can add space, it is nowhere near as effective as tinted colors and tents to give a flattened and antiseptic feel.
At Kitchen – Red works wonderfully in a kitchen to get those appetites raging. Red has been a powerful color, known to heightened moods in a lot of people and has a really a heavy duty gastronomic effect on the appetites in most people, especially in kitchens or where you eat. Try by adding red cabinet door, or a single red counter, instead of overwhelming you kitchen in red, that will work out well.
At Winters – Warm up your home with deep tones during the winter: Using reds, oranges and yellows in your home paint decor can make the home seem more welcoming from the outside or warmer on the inside – especially during the winter.
For Summer – Blue can make your home seem fresh, cool and clean during the summer. A white exterior with blue trim is a popular choice for summer homes and painting projects.
On Bedrooms and Bathrooms – Consider shades of blue, green or even lavender to calm you in your escape rooms. This can even be done with the addition of plotted plants and water bodies.
For getting relief from Pressure problems – better to stay off red – Stay away from red if you have high blood pressure thought it is great for the appetite in your kitchen, dark shades of red are often associated with high blood pressure and irritability in other rooms of the house.
For workout room – Warm happy colors like yellows and blues work well in workout rooms and green-blue works well in not just keeping you peppy, but also working well for yoga, or for those cool offs after an extended work out.
Green for concentration – If you are working from home and have a home office green inspires concentration. The right shade and the right amount of green really does wonders in making a room work for you.
Yellow and optimistic – Inspire optimism with yellow and the colour works well throughout your home. As you leave for the day to go to work or school, the yellow paint in this area will give you one last boost of optimism before the daily grind.
Orange for good health and for Asthmatic Child’s room – Orange is often associated with improved lung function. A bright orange also makes you feel energetic and works very well on a single wall or a door in a room.
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