Points to Consider before Finalizing on a Property

Points to Consider before Finalizing on a Property
Points to consider before finalizing on Property

Buying a property is a major decision for which you need to be pretty calm and cool-headed. When you see a home that fits your bill of a dream home, then it is time for you to back off and think calmly of all the related factors before going to the negotiating table. Many have lost money in the process of investment in properties just because they didn’t get their homework right and went in without due consideration of various important factors. Here are a few of these points which you need to keep in mind before finalizing on a property:


You first need to know how much funds you have available to pay for your dream house. Since most people pay for such investments with a home loan, check which bank offers the best loan, the interest rates as well as the amount you are eligible for. Armed with this budget, you can start house-hunting!


Check out the builder’s profile,┬áthe projects he has delivered, what the residents say about them, their delivery timings, etc. The internet is a great place to start your research. The bigger the brand, the more careful they will be of their reputation and quality of deliverance.


This is among the most important factors as it affects the future resale value of your property. An ideal property should be located in an area where there is scope for good infrastructure and easy availability of various facilities including hospitals, schools, malls, theatres, grocery stores, easy local transport connectivity, etc.


You need to stalk the neighborhood at different times of the day and nights so you know what kinds of activities are happening. Everyone wants a safe and peaceful neighborhood where their kids can walk unaccompanied, so a crime-free neighborhood is important. It also improves your home’s future salability. You will also need to check the road conditions around your future home.


If you are going for a ready-to-move-in home, make sure that all features mentioned in the contract are available on the ground too. You also need to clarify between the super built-up area and the carpet area of the property before paying up.


Finally, check the quality of the finishing of the property. Is the wiring concealed? Do they use premium fittings? Is the paint of good quality? Are there sufficient electrical points? All these little things matter in the end as you get to live with them on a daily basis.