Know More About Occupancy Certificates

Know More About Occupancy Certificates
Know More about Occupancy Certificates

While home buying can be a very gratifying experience, you do need to be vigilant about the paperwork as the process involves several legal permits and certificates. One of these is the Occupancy Certificate (OC) which your builder needs to provide you with. It is mandatory for a building before it can be certified to be habitable.

The OC is a legal document issued by the local government authority or the local building and planning authority. It is issued at the end of the construction of a project and certifies that the developer has followed all applicable building codes, laws and regulations for its construction. It also certifies that the building is suitable for human habitation. It is the responsibility of the builder to obtain this certificate which is required when applying for electricity, water and sanitation connectivity.

The builder is expected to apply for an OC within 30 days of completion of the project. In cases where it’s a multi-tower project, the builder can apply for partial OC for the tower that’s completed and suitable for habitation. In a case where the builder has deviated from the originally approved design sanctioned by the relevant authorities, then such a building automatically loses its eligibility for an OC. The building is then considered inhabitable and becomes liable for destruction.

An OC is a crucial document that is also needed when applying for loans from banks or NBFCs using the said property as collateral. It also becomes a necessity when applying for corporation water, electricity or sanitation. It is considered illegal to move into an apartment or villa without first obtaining the OC. The certificate also gains significance when applying for ‘Khata’ or when buying a resale property. A resale without this certificate may also not get you a good rate. Here’s a look at some of the documents required to apply for an Occupancy Certificate:

  • A copy of the sanctioned building plan.
  • A copy of the building commencement certificate.
  • A copy of the building completion certificate.
  • A copy of the latest property tax receipt.
  • Copies of NOCs from Pollution Board, Airport Authority, etc.

As mentioned earlier, an OC verifies that the building has been constructed according to civic standards and affirms that it is suitable for human habitation.

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