Is This the Right Time to Buy a Villa in Trivandrum?

Is This the Right Time to Buy a Villa in Trivandrum?
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Kerala is well-known for its abundance of natural beauty, being blessed with numerous palm-fringed beaches, pristine lakes and the deep and mysterious Western Ghats. Its not only the tourists who are attracted to Kerala however, but also people looking to buy a home and settle down. Though Trivadrum is the capital of this southern state, its still considered a young city that is rapidly expanding both horizontally and vertically – and a great place to invest in.

Real estate is booming in Trivandrum with delectable villa and apartment projects being available in niche locations across the city and spoiling homebuyers for choice! Aside from being the rapidly-expanding IT centre of the state, Trivandrum is traditionally well-known as an educational and medical tourism hub too. This culturally-rich city is also where real estate rates are at the lowest as compared to other cities, making Trivandrum the ideal place to buy a villa in.

And for those who prefer the perks and privacy that come with villa homes, Trivandrum is your best option to invest in, as space is not yet a constraint in this rapidly-expanding city. And the best time to buy a villa in Trivandrum is now – when banks are offering the lowest interest rates on home loans too.

Demonetization, the introduction of GST and RERA as well as the current pandemic have all taken their toll, resulting in an overall slowdown in business growth – and this includes the real estate industry too. Builders are throwing in lots of perks and discounts to woo potential homebuyers too, making this the best time to buy villas in Trivandrum.

The city also offers excellent infrastructure, low crime rates and great career potentials, thus buying a villa in Trivandrum makes a great investment option here. And with more MNCs incoming into the IT sector of the city, the need for quality homes is only going to go up, thus making this the right time to invest in luxurious villas in Trivandrum.

And for those who have been sitting undecided on the fence till now, this is the right time to take the plunge and buy your dream villa home – while the rates are still affordable!