Ceiling Trends
29 August 2017
New trends in False Ceilings
Luxury has no limits, especially when it comes to your dream home, your private castle, the lord and king of all that you survey. With the economy on a yearly rise, the earning capacity of young Indians is also...
Luxury Apartments
21 August 2017
Increasing Demand for Luxury Apartments
The earning capacity of people is increasing and with the world getting more globalized, people are also becoming more aware of the finer things in life. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in the lap of luxury, if...
Home Loan Documents
14 August 2017
Documents Required for Home Loan
Everyone dreams of having a home to call their own. It could be a small house, a big house, an apartment, villa or even a hut! It’s the satisfaction of owning the four walls in which you sleep each...
Apartment Keys - Favourite Homes
7 August 2017
Advantages of Buying an Apartment
Home-buying is serious business and something that most people do just once in their lifetime. This makes it all the more reason why you need to be extra vigilant when investing your hard-earned money. There are numerous types of...
Favourite Homes Interiors
24 July 2017
Latest Trends in Interior Designing
  Building a home is a highly complex process that involves a team of professionals to take care of the numerous aspects involved. It all begins with an architect and a draughtsman working together to design the basic structure...
villas vs apartments
28 June 2017
Comparison between Villas and Apartments
  Making the decision to buy your own home is a humongous one and it doesn’t come easy. Because once you have made a decision, you need to follow it up with a plethora of homework on a variety...
advantages of villaments
28 June 2017
Why we should own a Villament
  The real estate industry is evolving in numerous ways, all for the betterment of mankind it would seem. Earlier people lived in independent homes, cottages, lodges, and townhouses that lined the city streets like multi-storied walls with gaping...
Technopark Trivandrum
21 June 2017
Why is Trivandrum the Best Place to Live in Kerala?
Image SourceKerala is known as ‘Gods own country’ and lies on the southern side of the country’s coast, a slim band of evergreen land sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. With its great climate, abundant greenery...