Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Tips for Luxury Home

Luxury is anything that makes you feel special, it could be a walk on the beach, a kiss from your child or owning something that brings you joy and pride. Luxury comes alive in the finer details of life – it’s in the white napkin on the dining table, the winter roses near the entrance door or the lavender fragrance in your sheets. And when it comes to a luxury home, you don’t have to spend a neat bundle to convert your home into a luxurious showpiece. A few simple changes here and there can enhance your home and give it a more classy and elegant look.

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Tips to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home

Tips to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home - Favourite Homes

With global changes in climate and extreme weather conditions hitting most parts of the world, drought is an increasing threat looming over the horizon. Natural water resources are also becoming increasingly polluted, thereby restricting potable water fit for human consumption. This makes water conservation more important than ever – even if you aren’t living in a drought-prone area.

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