Real Estate Industry Trends

Real Estate Industry Trends - Favourite Homes

In India, the real estate industry holds a lot of significance as it’s the second largest employer of manpower – with the agriculture sector being the first. This sector comprises of four divisions – residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. It is estimated that the sector will grow by around 30% in the next decade. This will be amply supported by the expected growth in the corporate environment with increased demand for office spaces. Rapid growth in the IT/ITes, BFSI, and telecom sectors as well as office space demand from Tier 2 cities is expected to support this estimated growth.

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Energy Saving Bulbs

Energy Saving Bulbs - Favourite Homes

The era of the traditional incandescent bulbs is drawing to a close thankfully. With emerging technology, we now have energy saving bulbs like the CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and LED (light emitting diode) to replace them. The traditional filament-burning light bulbs were energy guzzlers that gave off 90% of the energy consumed in the form of heat. And who needs more heat with global warming looming!

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