How to Baby-Proof Your House

Childproofing Checklist - Favourite Homes

The birth of a baby into the family is a major event, a complete game-changer. The entire household shifts gears and starts to revolve around the newest entrant in their lives. However, baby’s aren’t just the cutest things alive, but also very curious! They are bound to start nosing around in every accessible corner once they gain the ability to crawl or toddle around.

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Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification

Plants That Clean The Air - Favourite Homes

You maintain hygiene, cleanliness and neatness in your home, yet there is this oppressive feeling of stagnation that could result in headaches, nausea, and ear, eye or nose irritation. Commonly referred to as ‘sick building syndrome’, it is due to the presence of air contaminants and poor ventilation. Luckily, NASA has found a beautiful solution to this problem – houseplants!

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