Increasing demand for Luxury Apartments in Kerala

Demand for Apartments - Favourite Homes

With increasing globalization and the world becoming a village where everyone has knowledge of other cultures, luxury is fast becoming something on the common side. More and more people are getting attracted to luxurious lifestyles, with the housing sector being no exception. There are over 245,000 lakh millionaires in India, and this is indicative of the general population’s inclinations.

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Best Prayer Room Ideas for Home

Prayer Room Ideas for Home - Favourite Homes

Everyone derives peace and tranquillity from their spiritual closeness to their god, whatever their religion is. And when it comes time to set up your own home, most people prefer including a small area meant exclusively for praying and meditation. This area becomes the most sacred part of the home and special attention is given to its designing. It can be in the form of a small room, an alcove in the wall or a partitioned area of a room dedicated to praying.

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