What is LEED Certification?

Climate changes and global warming are very real threats. The earth is slowly running out of natural resources and there is a growing need to conserve whatever natural resources that can be saved. This is how non-profit organizations like the US Green Building Council (USGBC) have come into existence. The Green Building Council is the only certification and credentialing body in the green sustainability industry to administer professional credentials and project certifications to programs such as LEED.
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Veli Lake

Veli Lake - Places to See in Trivandrum - Favourite Homes

There is something about the beauty of natural water that enraptures most people. To some, it is deeply inspiring and they can sit and stare into its depths, weaving poetry in the depths of their minds while to others, it means sporting activities and fun; then there are those who see water as a source of family picnics, fun and frolic.

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Best Indoor House Plants

Indoor Plants for Home - Favourite Homes

If you are looking for a decoration for your home that’s aesthetic as well as functional in nature, then think no further than growing your indoor plants. And don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it’s difficult growing indoor plants either – they are just as fun as pottering around in the outdoor gardens!
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