Should you Invest in a City Other Than your Home Town?

Should you invest in a City Other Than Your Home Town | Favourite Homes

It’s understandable if you want to be close to where your money is – after all, everyone wants to keep an eye on their hard-earned money. But of recent, there has been a shifting trend with investors in real estate buying property away from their city of residence. With increasing use of technology, viewing properties in other parts of the country is just a click away.

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New Trends in Carpets

New Trends in Carpets - Favourite Homes

Carpets are floor coverings that typically come in two layers – an upper layer of soft pile attached to a lower backing. They serve purposes like beautification, comfort as well as insulation from cold floors. Their existence goes back at least to the 5th century BCE in ancient Armenia where it was made with natural fibres and colours.

What was earlier known as the carpet is now known as rugs and is smaller than the size of the room where it’s laid. It also doesn’t need to be stuck or tacked onto the flooring. Rugs also come in intricate hand-woven designs that leave you breathless with their intricacy.

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What are Ultra-Luxury and Mid-Luxury Projects?

With the Indian real estate sector undergoing a revamp and higher disposable incomes hitting the roof, Indians are developing a taste for homes that are beyond the average man’s reach. They are called luxury homes and come in two segments – mid-luxury and ultra-luxury housing. While mid-luxury is achievable by a number of people, it’s the ultra-luxury homes that keep people aspiring for more.

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Go beyond the Brochure when buying a Luxury Flat

Buying a Flat - Real Estate Trends - Favourite Homes

The word ‘luxury’ is often the most misused word by residential builders. They have been known to use it to market even 1BHK and 2BHK homes as being a luxury home. In actual fact, luxury homes are spacious 3BKH and above homes, are more than 2000 sq ft in area and come with truly world-class fittings and finishing as well as a plethora of amenities.
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