The Importance of considering Vaastu for your Home


There are some things in life that are difficult to accept and understand by the current modern generation, but the fact is that concepts like Vaastu Shastra have been in practice for many millennia now and are basically an ancient architectural science that deal with health and proper flow of positive energies within buildings; this science was first applied to temple constructions and has mislead people into believing that its somehow associated with religion, which isn’t right.

Though there was no scientific proof in those days to prove the principles of vaastu, but the way it stands today, there is a lot of logic and basic scientific facts associated with its application. Luckily, most branded builders apply the principles of vaastu into their projects, making life simpler for those who still believe in the system. Here are some of the rules of vaastu as applied to homes:


Before starting any construction, a prayer should be performed to worship the earth (- Bhumi Pooja for Hindus). It’s a common factor that members of all religions perform an auspicious prayer to herald a good start for any construction project.


There are many opinions on this matter, but majority believe the north or north-west to be the most auspicious side for the front door to face. There are others who believe that east or north-east side is better for the entrance door as the sun’s positive energies can enter directly into the home. And when it comes to apartment buildings, the main entrance of the building is considered as the entrance door and not individual apartment entrance doors.


According to vaastu, the bathroom should be located away from the kitchen and the prayer room – in the north-west corners of the rooms or building. This makes sense both from the aesthetic angle as well as the hygiene factor.


The south-east corner of the house is considered to be the most auspicious location for the kitchen and it’s also recommended that the kitchen stove be kept facing in this same direction. Also, do note that the kitchen shouldn’t be located directly opposite the main entrance door.


The main bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west side of the building and be shaped like a square or a rectangle. This location will also provide peace as it keeps you away from the noise generated in the kitchen as well as the main entrance room.

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