Tips to Create a Positive Atmosphere at Home

You can affect your home environment in the same way that your home environment can affect you. Keeping this thought in mind, how do you feel when you get home – relieved? Happy? Or overwhelmed? In today’s fast-paced world, it has become essential that your home be a place where you can recharge and refresh yourself from the day’s vagaries. It then becomes necessary that you create a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home that makes the family look forward to getting home.

Here are a few simple things you can do improve your homes’ positive environment:

De-clutter your home

Clutter adds chaos to the mind on an unconscious level. Tasks left undone can weigh on your mind even while you’re away from home, so always follow a plan to keep things in place and get rid of the things that you don’t need any more – donate, if possible. Your home needs to breathe too, so focus on quality, not quantity and create space.

Choice of colors

The study of colors explains that colors not only have an emotional and psychological effect on your mood, but also on the physical level; studies have shown that colors can affect appetite, the body temperature, moods as well as energy levels. So take the time to study the effect of colors in your home, and make changes where necessary – you should ideally have a mix of cold and warm colors to create a balance.


Even though we are living in a world full of pollution, it’s not just the outdoors, but the indoors too that is polluted. So do open the windows daily to bring in fresh energy and rejuvenating sunlight.

Nurturing plants

Humans are innately designed to appreciate the natural beauty around and keeping some greenery indoors has an energizing effect. Not only do they calm the mind, they also re-oxygenate the air and eliminate noxious gases, giving you a sigh of relief.

Get rid of bad mojo

Decorate your home with mementos that are reminders of good times and get rid of items that are associated with negative, undesirable feelings. Add more of the things that make you and your family smile, to boost and nurture positive vibes.

Layout of your home

Design your home with different areas designated for various activities including work, rest and play; this will keep your mind subconsciously aware of the times to indulge in each activity and create balance and harmony.

Your five senses

Once you get home, your five senses should become positively stimulated. A nice aroma of food or some essential oil, the sound of relaxing music and moderate tones of voices around the home, the sight of energizing plants and fresh flowers, clean homes and playful kids and pets all add to the joy of getting home.


Reasons why Ready-to-move-in Apartments are Beneficial

Often there is confusion among buyers on whether to opt for ready-to-move-in homes or go for the under-construction category. You might think there’s no difference as long as you are getting the apartment of your choice. It’s also been no secret that ready-for-possession apartments come at a slightly higher rate (up to 10-30%) as compared to under-construction apartments that entice you with the option of staggered payments and lower rates.

Most people fall for this gimmick without realizing the possible pitfalls involved. Before putting down your money, it’s better to do some homework on what should work best for you. Here are some solid reasons why you should follow the old adage ‘One bird in hand is better than two in the bush’ and go for ready-to-move-in apartments:

Cost differences

The real estate sector had slowed down somewhat over the last year or so due to changes in government regulations including the GST as well as demonetization. This led to a slowdown in sales and a build-up of ready-to-sell apartments; rather than suffer losses, builders are offering attractive freebies for these homes, making it a great time to go home-shopping.

Cash outflows

Since most people buy homes with loans, it can become mighty uncomfortable paying EMIs as well as rent till the completion of the project. Paying extra and moving into a ready-to-occupy home right away works out cheaper in the long run.

Cash inflows

Since most investors buy homes with the purpose of enjoying rental income before re-selling the apartment with profit, it makes sense not to wait for the project to complete, but to buy ready-to-move-in homes.

Greater security

There are a few ‘fly-by-night’ dubious characters who dupe buyers into paying the initial deposit and then vanishing into thin air. Finished projects in presence of such scenarios provide greater security and stability to the buyers.

Delayed delivery timelines

On an average, delays in handover of keys can be anything between 12-24 months. Aside from the inconvenience, it can also lead to significant financial losses to the investor with the burden of paying EMIs as well as rent and forcing them to sell half-way through and incur even further losses. Completed projects definitely make better choices!

You get what you see

One of the best parts of buying into a completed project is that there are no discrepancies in what you are paying for – as you can go round the apartment before buying it. Home-buying couldn’t get any better!


Factors that matter in Real Estate Investment


Investing in real estate is a little complicated and needs its own share of homework before investing. The goal of investing here includes long-term benefits and doesn’t allow for much liquidity, making it imperative that you keep a number of factors in mind before putting in your money for the long haul. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:


This is of primary importance as no one wants to be associated with an uncomfortable area. Buy properties where there are good schools, colleges, job opportunities, etc. Such properties fetch better returns; and just in case you want to give it out for renting, remember that no one wants to rent in an area that doesn’t have sufficient facilities and infrastructure. This is called buying in cash-flow positive properties.


Investment in real estate gives greater control on earning profit and comes with minimal risks. As compared to investment in equity, there is far more predictability in investing in rental properties. Steady passive incomes from rental payments can help tide you over during bad times.


Unlike other investments, real estate investments are more secure, where prices do not fluctuate wildly, but remain steadfast in their value. Real estate is also one of those rare forms of investments that can even be insured against damage from natural or man-made calamities. This way, loss can be recuperated by the investors – unlike in equity and debt fund investments.

Home loans

Banks are ready to fork out about 80% of the property’s cost amount in the form of a home loan, making investment in real estate a reasonably flexible investment that sits comfortably on your pocket. Banks also know real estate investments to be among the safest and most profitable ones and are comfortable offering large sums of money as loans. The investor also gets to benefit as he enjoys the profits with minimal investment of his own money.

EMI repayment

The best part of getting a home loan for buying the rental property is that the investor can use the rent payments against repayment of monthly EMIs on the home loan. This way, the investor benefits by virtually paying off his loan without dipping into his own pocket- plus getting a fully paid for the property at the end of the day, which would have also appreciated in its value!

Though it’s hard to predict real estate trends, prices always tend to appreciate over the long run. You just need to be patient!