Ambalamukku v/s Kazhakoottam – Location Guide for Homebuyers

Ambalamukku v/s Kazhakoottam – Location Guide for Homebuyers
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If you are aspiring to buy a home in Kerala, then Trivandrum is the best city to choose to live in. Home to a prestigious cultural heritage and numerous lakes, scenic beaches and cool hills, Trivandrum also has a thriving real estate industry. It is a hot destination for top educational institutions, multi-speciality hospitals and great infrastructure too, making Trivandrum one of the best places for homebuyers.

As compared to other cities in Kerala, Trivandrum is still expanding horizontally, pulling in more outlying areas into its folds year on year. Prices of apartments are also cheaper here, with location being a key factor. If you are interested in living in close proximity to the city centre then Ambalamukku makes a great destination. And for those who prefer to be a little away from the bustling city centre, then Kazhakootam is the best location for you. Here’s a look at these two prime destinations:

Ambalamukku – This niche area enjoys the unique benefits of being both a residential area as well as a business hub. It’s close enough to the city centre to enjoy all its benefits while still providing the much-peace in residential areas. Its also home to a number of prestigious apartment projects that make Ambalamukku a much-sought-after residential destination. The best part is that facilities like government offices, central railways station, bus station and a plethora of entertainment zones are all a few minutes drive away.

Kazhakoottam – This suburban locality is a hot destination for home builders and a magnet for homebuyers who want to live close enough to the city centre to enjoy its numerous benefits, yet live a little away from the city’s bustling centre. The newly-built NH66 runs through Kazhakoottam, providing easy access to the rapidly-growing Technopark and Technocity, two major technological hubs in Trivandrum. With over 70,000 techies working here, the need for quality homes for them has led to a spurt of apartment and villa projects in Kazhakoottam. A number of educational institutions, hospitals, malls, Trivandrum international airport and the Veli railway station are all within a 10-minutes driving radius too. Various weekend getaways and beach destinations are also in close proximity of Kazhakoottam, making this a prime destination for homebuyers!