5 Ways to Stay Fit Indoors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Ways to Stay Fit Indoors During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of changes in lifestyles with staying home and practicing social distancing having become the new norm. While staying home controls spread of infection, it has also led to limited opportunities for physical exercise. For those who were regulars at outdoor sports and gyms, these months of staying indoors have been challenging. But that’s no excuse to become unfit as there are numerous ways to stay in shape, even when staying in isolation at home. Here is a look at 5 ways to go about it:

Take a Break

Don’t stay in the same position for more than 20-30 minutes in front of your computer. Take a few minutes off to walk around the house, play with the kids or fiddle around in your backyard. This will help in fighting the ‘battle of the bulge’ which many people are experiencing while staying home.

Indoor Exercise

Home isolation is no excuse for not getting your blood pumping through your body. You can exercise at home too, with the best being to using your own body weight. You could do push-ups or sit-ups or planks and create your own fitness routine at home. Whether it’s aerobic exercise, yoga or cardiovascular routines, it’s important you must exercise your body daily for 30 minutes.

Dance Away

Dancing is an effective way to protect your heart and maintain body fitness. It gets you feeling happy, while moving your body too. It’s also a great stress-buster and encourages mental fitness during home isolation. You could alternate between vigorous dancing to medium dancing as you go along. Get your family to dance with you too!

Use the Staircase

Opting for the staircase instead of the lifts is another great way of staying fit. It also helps prevent having to share the apartment lift with others. Climb the stairs at least three times daily to burn those extra calories and staying fit.

Nutritious Food

Staying home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. Stay away from take-away or home-delivery of restaurant foods and concentrate on trying out new recipes and cooking your own healthy food at home. It’s a great time pass too.